Q. What equipment do I need to make beer?

A. You will need a brewing bucket (30L fermenter) with an airlock, thermometer, hydrometer, sterilizing agent and a 23L beerkit with 1kg of sugar or dextrose (all this is included in the startup brewery kits)

Q. How long does it take to make beer?

A. From the time you mix your brew and add the yeast, it takes approximately one week before you can bottle it, providing fermentation has completed. After bottling, you need to leave it 2-3 days in a warm place then store somewhere cooler for at least another week to mature, though the longer you leave your brew the better it becomes. Some brewers won’t touch it for at least 6 months after bottling.

Q. How much do I save making my own alcohol?

A. Because of the high taxes on alcohol, you can make huge savings on the cost of beer, wines and spirits. The savings will depend on the quality of the ingredients you use and what you use as a comparison. On average it costs about a quarter to a third of the price of commercial products.

Q. Can I make 40% plus, proof spirits?

A. It is perfectly legal to manufacture spirits in New Zealand without a distiller’s licence, provided it is for personal consumption and not to be sold. NZ, Italy and Switzerland are the only three countries where it is legal to distill your own spirits.

Q. What happens if I can’t find what I’m looking for on your site?

A. At present the ezimade website is in it’s infancy so not all the stock available is listed online. Simply go to the ‘Contacts’ link and e-mail what it is you require. Changes are we’ll have it in stock however if not then can probably source it fairly quickly.


Q. Do I sign for my goods if they are damaged?

A. If the goods are damaged, please sign to accept but note that the goods are damaged. If you sign for the goods in ‘Good Condition’ we will not be able to process a claim.

Q. Do I need to keep the packaging?

A. If the goods are damaged, packaging must be kept in case the goods need inspecting with the packaging.
If the packaging is not kept this could invalidate our claim.

Q. What do I need to start a claim?

A. Nothing, but it would help us by doing the following order to process a claim the following are needed:

  • Photograph of the item
  • Photograph and description of the packaging
  • An invoice showing the value of the consignment

Q. Who can start a claim?

A. Only the person that placed the order can start a claim and only the person who placed the order will be paid out.